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Boost your home's IQ

Never leave your iron on again

Our device learns your patterns of behaviour so that soon after using your powerPree you never have to worry about turning your device on or off again.

Live efficiently in style

Manually and automatically schedule timers to turn your heater on before you wake up and turn it off as soon as you leave your home. Turning it back on before you reach home in the evening and turning it off when everyone's gone to sleep

forcast your energy bill

See estimates of what your utility bill will look like before you receive it!

Optimise your business

Improve the accuracy and precision of your financial and energy audits by gaining new inishts into energy usage data and analytics.

Know equipment lifetime

Estimate the lifetime of your equipment by recording it's usage.

Eliminate phantom loads

manually or autmatically cut power to appliances that consume current when in modes like standby.

Identify problem areas

finally learn know what(or who!) contributes the most to your energy bill!

Surveilance features

gain insight into activity and traffic throughout your home or office

turn your home into a

Smart home

Why to choose us
  • PowerPree is the easiest and most affordable way to convert your Jamaican home into a smart home. Instead of having to change out your TVs and Lighting fixtures to "Smart" lighting fixtures, keep your same TV and other appliances and plug it into our device and you're ready to go. Only have you're appliances on when you're using them and save 20-50% on your annual energy bill. Gain access to tomorrow's Internet of Things (IoT) technology today.

your business

  • Cut back on operational expenses by making smart decisions using smart technology. Improve the accuracy of your financial and energy audits so you know exactly where you're dollars are going and instanty start saving. Keep track of activity and traffic in and around your office. Know where the problem areas are and never waste a dollar on energy again.
Why to choose us
Jamaicans bringing

Jamaican Engineering

  • The technology used in the PowerPree is amongst the forefront of the technology, embedded systems and energy efficiency industry. The world is already heading in this direction as society strives to become smarter and more efficient. We at PreeLabs Limited are a hardworking team of Jamaican Programmers, Scientists and Engineers aiming to build a brighter, smarter and greener Jamaica for all of us. Help us help you pioneer the future.


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